Version 1.0

My Ludum Dare 43 entry is finally finished. Due to some complications in my schedule, there are some bugs in the game which will be fixed in early January after judging is finished. I'm very surprised I was able to complete an entry for the Compo, let alone an entry. I didn't even think I was going to compete at first until a couple of hours before the competition.

Enough of me babbling on about stupid stuff, let's get down to the game.

Features Added:

  • Added a house, a junk generator, and a player.
  • Added trash bags, carts, and dumpsters.
  • Added a Shop, Toolbar, Game Over and Win Screens.
  • Added a main menu and a short how to play screen.
  • Added energy, mood, time, and money.
  • Added decisions about parting ways with sentimental or meaningful items.

There will most definitely be more updates to this, as I have a lot to work on after the competition for this game.


Don't Take my Stuff! for Windows
Dec 03, 2018
Don't Take my Stuff! for macOS
Dec 03, 2018
Don't Take my Stuff! Source Code
Dec 03, 2018

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