Version 1.0

My first new game of 2019, yay! This was created for Alakajam! #5  in 48 hours. It still has a lot of bugs in it, because of lot of things went wrong during the last day, but I'll being fixing those later on.

This is a game where you run a Restaurant and you cast spells on your food to make it taste better. Why? So you can get better reviews and make more money, because money is all that matters [definitely not]! You can also purchase new spells to attract more customers, receive more generous tips, and be able to work longer.

Game Features:

  • Core Game play, Casting Spells, Serving Customers
  • Main Menu and Pause Menu
  • Main Graphics and a whole bunch of Audio / SFX.
  • "The Magic Shop", a place where you can spend your money on new spells.
  • How to Play Screen (we had a little mishap at the last minute, so I apologize if you can't read it too well.)

Thanks for playing, and don't forget to leave a rating on the entry page!


juicyZESTYbitterSWEET for Windows 39 MB
Feb 24, 2019
juicyZESTYbitterSWEET for macOS 68 MB
Feb 24, 2019
juicyZESTYbitterSWEET Source Code 56 MB
Feb 24, 2019

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