Time Is On My Side


Time is On My Side is a Shoot 'em Up Game where you can rewind the game and possibly make better decisions. How far can you get? How many points can you get?

This game was made for Brackey's 2020.2 jam which ran from 8.1.2020 - 8.8.2020.


  • A / Left Arrow - Move Left
  • D / Right Arrow - Move Right
  • Space / Click - Shoot
  • R - Rewind
  • Escape - Pause Game


All assets were created by me except the font, Silkscreen. I highly suggest checking it out for anyone looking for a simple, crisp pixel font, as it is very well done.


TIOMS_Windows.zip 21 MB

Install instructions

Windows Version Instructions

Unzip the TIOMS_Windows.zip file, and run "Brackeys Jam 2020.2".

Sorry, I didn't have time to rename it. I'll fix that. :)


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Bruh indeed

Bruh indeed Bruh